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The 3rd edition of Culture, Identity and Digital Content in the 21st Century Workshop follows the digital content topic in relation to learning progress. Culture and Identity are accessible in all media landscape from social media, blogs, movies, newspapers, games, and in learning as digital courses, learning management systems, scientific papers, Moocs, Virtual Reality. The methods of distribution of historical digital content are in constant change and appear new channels, mobile apps, courses or eBooks each day. It is a challenge for content creators to define the best way to bring their info to the users, new tools and technologies are researched and used, and each day on different sites emerge new discussions on historical topics.

Nowadays solutions, both procedural and technical, new trends will be discussed in the framework of this workshop. Submissions should offer scientific arguments and interpretations rather than a showcase of digital projects. We rely that the format of short presentations will provide the chance to make arguments based on ongoing research in larger projects. Professors, researchers, graduate students are encouraged to submit proposals. Presentations will be peer-reviewed and published in the conference volume.

Topics of interest

The workshop’s topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Role of media in the construction of cultural identities
  • Collective knowledge creation in historical perspective
  • Digital heritage and museums
  • Online history courses used in eLearning process
  • Developing critical thinking skills by analysis of history and digital data
  • Analysis and visualization techniques of digital content

Expected results

We expect this workshop to be an opportunity for sharing experiences, a framework to analyze and improve tools used for digitalization and communication of historical data, create a forum for the exchange of ideas, business case and technical achievements.


  • Florentina Nitu, PhD – University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
  • Mihail Anton, PhD – Carol I National Defense University, Bucharest, Romania
  • Catalin Radu, PhD – Carol I National Defense University, Bucharest, Romania

Proposals are solicited for workshops to be held in conjunction with the eLearning and Software for Education Conference in Bucharest, Romania.

The workshops will be held on  April 23 – 24, 2020. These workshops represent an excellent opportunity to address a specific eLearning-related topic of your choice. Proposals should be for half-day, full-day, or two-day workshops. 

Deadline: December 22nd


The format, style, and content of accepted workshops is under the control of the workshop organizers and largely autonomous from the main conference. Workshop organizers are expected to manage the workshop content, specify the workshop format, be present to moderate the discussion and panels, invite experts in the domain, and maintain a website for the workshop. The chairperson of each workshop will take full responsibility for the quality of the selected papers.  A workshop will be held only if at least 10 papers are accepted and presented. The target audience of a minimum of 15 persons is a must. 
Workshop registration will be handled centrally by the main conference.

Submission Instructions

Proposals should clearly specify the following:

  • Workshop title
  • Topic
  • Motivation
  • Impact and expected outcomes
  • The potential list of invited speakers
  • List of related publications
  • Main workshop organizer and other organizers

Workshop proposals may be submitted via email to .