Call for Papers „Troika Magazine” – undergraduate

Troika, UC Berkeley’s undergraduate magazine in Slavic, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies, would like to invite the undergrad members of your Faculty of History to submit works to be considered for publication in their next issue.

Troika publishes all kinds of works, such as academic writing, artwork, photography, creative writing, translations, opinion columns, and more. Our goal is to inspire passion for a region which is often misrepresented or ignored in the American mythos. If any of your students are interested in submitting work to the magazine, please reach out to us! We accept submissions via email (, and the deadline to submit is February 1st.


Submissions must be:

  • Undergraduate work

  • In the latest version of MLA formating (if academic papers)

  • Not greater than 15 pages double-spaced (15 page papers will be considered but, if chosen, we will likely ask them to be cut down)


Submissions must concern:

  • Central and Eastern Europe/former Warsaw Pact members

  • Yugoslavia and former Yugoslavia

  • Russia and Eurasia

  • The Former Soviet Union, including the FSU 'Stans (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.)

  • If art, must either be related to the region OR to the theme of futurism*


As a further reminder, we are including a featured section in this issue. Details on the theme are below. This is a suggested theme offering the chance to be recognized in our featured section. It is not required.


*This year’s theme is dedicated to the avant-garde currents. It is a celebration of the era of change in Europe. When fighting in the war became a cultural standpoint; when creating art represented ways of rethinking the society; when the past was considered a romantic illusion; when artists saw themselves as creators of the future. The normal establishment of the fallen belle époque and the unstable interwar mindset were sources of anger and inspiration for the avant-garde writers and painters who disregarded any social or moral patterns of their present. This was a period of disillusioned artists, and we are excited to review pieces that celebrate such disillusionment.


If you have any questions, please reach out to We look forward to seeing your work!