Participatory Democracy: Challenge of European Integration

Deadline: 25 May 2013

Tirana, Albania, 30-31 May 2013


Department of Government, Politics and Communication in collaboration with the Albanian Institute of Public Affairs, at Marin Barleti University.                                                     

Scientific Committee:

Chair: Dr. Zamira Çavo

Members: Dr. Reis Mulita; Dr. Saemira Pino; Dr. Ilir Panda; Dr.Dorian Jano; Dr. Dritan Fino; Prof. Dr. Ylber Sela; Prof. Dr. Christina Standerfer.

Remembering historical events, such as the hundredth anniversary of the independence of Albania, offer us the opportunity to discuss, reflect and redirect messages that transcend social policy limits of time and space, for Albania and all the Balkan countries.

While Balkan countries are experiencing the early stages of democracy, the concentration of political power continues to remain with a few administrators within centralized governments. As such, government officials who should be acting as representatives of society may not always act in accordance to the will of the people.

Is Albania and the Balkan area, the reality we want? How much and in what ways we can contribute to improve democracy in the ruling political space in which we live?

Through the Conference “Participatory Democracy: Challenges of European Integration” we aim to present ideas, to engage in discussion and debate on how to improve the models of political democracy and governing in the country and the region wide, looking forward to build the society(ies) of European standards, inclusiveness and participatory democracy.

The theme of the conference will have an interdisciplinary character, focusing mainly in the areas of politics, governance, communication and media, law, economy, culture and education, gender and youth issues, sociology, demography, regional and Euro-Atlantic developments.

Possible directions may include, but are not restricted to the following issues:

  • Participatory democracy and the democratic deficit in societies in transition;
  • Decentralization of power and decision-making in post-communist societies;
  • The role of political parties and interest groups to improve democracy and governance;
  • Local governance, decentralization and political power;
  • Gender policy as a factor of improvement of democracy;
  • The role of youth in constructing the future profile of the societies of the region;
  • Transparency and accountability in decision-making – what role for civil society and political parties;
  • Political cooperation at regional level – a developmental perspective;
  • European Governance model – the perspective from the Balkan countries;
  • Contemporary governance models and the challenges of the countries of the Balkan region.

The format of the conference:

The conference will be organized in plenary sessions and special thematic sections.

Plenary sessions of the Conference will take place in the first day of the conference, including keynote speakers and high-level political representatives from the region. Thematic sections will be held the second day. The language of the conference will be English and Albanian, simultaneous translation will be provided. The conference will be held in Tirana, on the premises of the Marin Barleti University.

Section I – Participatory policy-making as a necessity for democratic development;

Section II – Good governance and society;

Section III – Public communication and new media;

Section IV – Albania, the Balkans and European perspective.

Requirements for papers at the conference:

Accepted papers are expected to be delivered within 15-20 min.

Persons interested in delivering a paper are requested to send by 25 March 2013, at: gpconference@umb.edu.al, the title of the paper along with its abstract, of a maximum of 300 words.

Scientific Committee of the conference will reply to acceptance of papers by 30 March 2013.

Full papers must be sent to the above address not later than 25 May 2013.

Organizational Information:

The participation fee for paper presenters is 70 Euro. Conference organizers will bear all costs of publication of conference materials, conference rooms rent, coffee breaks and lunch during the conference, simultaneous translation.

For further information please contact us at: gpconference@umb.edu.al